#WarZone Battle Wednesday March 26, 2014


When: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where: Mardi Gras Spots Bar – 2040 HeadLand Drive, East Point GA 30344

Music By: DJ X @DjX151

Time: Doors Open @9pm / Show Starts @10pm (ALL ARTIST MUST BE IN THE BUILDING BEFORE 10PM)

Door Fee: $5 Before 10pm. $10 After. If you are in the contest the door fee is waived.

Contest Fee: $35. No door fee.

Performance Tracks: Contest – 2 Tracks. All Artist will perform their 1st track in the 1st round. Only five Artist will proceed to the 2nd round where they will perform their 2nd song. 3rd round two Artist will battle on a random beat selected by the DJ, then judges will determine a winner.

IMPORTANT INFO: Bring 7 People and enter into the Contest FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Contest Prize Details: Artist will win two weeks of Media Promo Blast to over 30K Followers, Two FREE HRS of Studio Time, an Online Radio Interview with DKP Radio, Record Spins and a Featured Spot on Urban 365 Radio, a Featured spot on Blog Site http://www.MartaCard.com and TheEntertainmentHub.com and be Featured in the next show and put back into the contest to possibly win again!!!


2 Song Performance Fee: $35 – Comes with Promotion

2 Song Performance Fee & Pic On Flyer/ $5 Guest List: $50 – Comes With Promotion

If you are on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM make sure you follow us@DaIndieSpotAtl @LadyjBookums @DjX151 @ChefsSmokeAlot@MartaCardReport The Entertainment Hub @DiamondKesawn @Urban365Radio@DameDizzle @mgsportscafe !!! Let your FOLLOWERS know to come support you and RT as much as possible. Teamwork makes the Dream work so let’s work together to make all of our dreams come true.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email or give me a call at 678-242-9246. See you there!!!


DaIndieSpot #WarZone Specials


Take Advantage Of Our Specials

-$5 Before 10pm
-$5 Drink Specials
-$5 Pictures
-Artist bring 7 ppl and ENTER INTO THE CONTEST FREE!!!


Payment Options

Cash Payment – You can pay for SignUp at the door.

Money Pak Card – You can purchase a Money Pak Card at your local Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. The purchase fee will be deducted from your performance fee.

For more info give us a call at 678-242-9246.


#DaIndieSpot HeadLiners

J-Blev Thinking-Man

Follow J Blev

March 26th J Blev will be hitting the #WarZone stage with his NEW HIT SINGLE “Lost and Found”

For more music, show dates, pictures, and general information on J Blev, Follow him on Twitter!!!

Fli U pic1

Follow Fli University

March 26th Fli University will be taking over the #WarZone stage for the second time, performing their Hit Singles “Do You” and“Night Shift”

For more music, show dates, pictures and general information on Fli University, Follow them onTwitter.


#WarZone Artist Spotlight


Ok, so you guys rememberRodski?? He was the Artist that KILLED the #WARZONEcompetition for the last two shows. We were sure that on March 12th he would be deemed #Mr3x#WarZone champ and walk away with the crown once more. But, we had some fresh new talent in the building and they most certainly came to win. ROYAL DOLLAZ, new to the #WarZone stage, breezed threw the 1st two rounds performing their Hit Singles “One Thing” and “24/7”. Once we reached the 3rd round, which is the freestyle round, it was Royal Dollaz battling against our two time winner Rodski, also known as #Mr2x. It was a close round filled with dope bars and lots of energy. INTENSE to say the least. But in the end the judges and the crowd went BONKERS for Royal Dollaz!!!

March 26th Royal Dollaz will be back on the #WarZone stage to defend their title. So now the questions is… As they did to Rodski, who will be the one to knock Royal Dollaz off their throne? Or.. Just like Rodski, will we be calling them the new #Mr2x Champs??

For more music, show dates, pictures and general information on Royal Dollaz, Follow them on Twitter.



You can register to Perform Wednesday March 12, 2014 by calling us and speaking with our rep at 678-242-9246 or you sign up at the door. Sign up starts at 9pm. Show will start at 10pm. If you are not pre-registered bring your performance tracks on a labeled CD.


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Contact DaIndieSpot

For more information about Artist Showcases, Promo Packages, Performances, Studio Time and more give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our Reps will be more then happy to assist you. Thanks and be blessed.

Contact: 678-242-9246
Email: DaIndieSpotPromo@gmail.com , Ljbookings@gmail.com
Follow Us on Twitter: @DaIndieSpotAtl , @Ladyjbookums

Teamwork makes the Dream works so lets work together to make all of our dreams come true.


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